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About Me
Dr Reeta Karamchandani
is a General Practitioner, Regional Director (Cumbria) British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, Certified Culinary Coach (Harvard University) and founder of “Your Inner Chef”.

She completed a post-graduation degree in 2001, MD (Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases) followed by MRCGP and DFSRH (Diplomate of Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health – DFFP) in 2006. Having obtained extensive experience in all aspects of General Practice, she developed a special interest in women’s health, brain health (dementia) and Lifestyle Medicine.

A passion for home cooked meals led her to explore culinary medicine with the aim to support colleagues and patients to overcome their cooking barriers. She completed the Dip iBLM (Diplomate of International Board of Lifestyle Medicine: Accredited by ACPM-American College of Preventative Medicine) in 2018 and was appointed as Regional Director (Cumbria) for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

She is passionate about lifestyle changes for better health outcomes. She speaks on lifestyle changes to optimise health and delay disease, manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, using home cooking as a tool for stress reduction, promoting family bonds and supporting weight-reduction endeavours.

She promotes intermittent fasting as a lifestyle change to lose weight and improve general wellbeing. Based on Ayurvedic principles, she advocates a lifestyle shift by using herbs, spices and condiments to elevate minor ailments, treat acne, improve skin texture, help hair growth and relieve digestive disorders.

She advocates nutritional interventions to help with chronic pain, sleep quality, managing blood pressure and many other conditions, reducing the need for medication, yet recommending medication where it is beneficial.

Apart from being a wife, she is a mother and a friend to her two daughters whom she enjoys involving in planning and cooking family meals, introducing them to established traditional recipes and experiment together with new cuisines.

She practices forest bathing, yoga and mindfulness to help with her own wellbeing and help cope with the demands of her myriad roles.

I am not a nutritionist or dietician - simply a doctor with a passion for home cooking. I believe that food is medicine and I want to advocate cooking at home to help achieve great health outcomes”.


Dr R Karamchandani

MBBS, MD (Respiratory Medicine)
Dip iBLM (Diplomate of International Board of Lifestyle Medicine)
Regional Director-BSLM (British Society of Lifestyle Medicine)
Culinary Coach (Harvard University)

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